Now through the end of May, Austin AFP will be giving our support to the Council on At-Risk Youth (CARY) Care 4 Kids Program.  CARY is a non-profit in the central Texas area working to close the school to prison pipeline by empowering at-risk youth with skills to avoid crime and violence.  

CARY provides mental health services to their students, but they also like to be able to give a little extra to them each year.  That extra can look like more snacks, special field trips, and simple incentives for their students to stay in school, improve their grades and see a better future.  The power of a healthy snack not only helps to nourish their kids, it also opens their minds to the opportunity of positive choices. The field trips for their students helps to celebrate the hard work they put in during the school year.  These may be small gestures, but to the students, it makes them feel that they matter, that someone cares, and that there is a brighter future for them.

You can help CARY's Care 4 Kids Program by donating snacks and/or gift cards - and it only takes a few clicks:

  • Use the link below to get to the Amazon CARY: Nourish The Body And The Mind Wish List.  
  • Add your donations to your cart.
  • When you check out, have your donation delivered directly to the Council on At-Risk Youth (CARY) Gift Registry Address that you will find in the Other addresses section:
  • In the Gift Message From field, please include your name and "Austin AFP", or just "Austin AFP".
  • If you donate a gift card that is delivered via email, have it delivered to CARY's Development Director, Ashley Ibsen, at [email protected]

If you prefer to bring your donation to the May Austin AFP meeting, you can do that as well and it will be delivered to the CARY office. 

To learn more about CARY, you can click on their logo below.